The Comics Lounge

22339088_1436142239775091_362525603957493456_oOn Tuesday night I returned to my home ground The Comics Lounge, This is the biggest club in Australia and was voted number 7 in the best clubs in the world.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been doing some really tough shows in the country which really test your character and confidence so it was good to get back to a real club in front of a real comedy audience. Plus I needed to record a set to send to booker’s at other clubs so I can start 2018 with some great shows.

The crowd wasn’t huge like 2 weeks ago but a good sized crowd non the less. I was a bit quite for a couple of the acts but they were running new material so it is always hit and miss.

I got moved to the second bracket which suits me fine I can relax a bit more and get in the zone. I came out and started with a bit of crowd work that got a few laughs but didn’t really go anywhere so i went into material. Which went really well I did feel a bit of a negative vibe from a few people front row when i came out but after a few minutes they seem to relax and get into the swing of things.

I didn’t do any stories as I wanted to record a fairly tight set, I did get to add some new tags which came to me on the spot although i did forget to do a few so it balanced out ok.

I finished with a new joke that got a great reaction bigger than i expected, It was an re-write of the first bit i ever did and I managed to throw to it out during some crowd work.

The video came out great the audio didn’t capture the audience reaction but we used the recording from my phone which helped because the crowd was laughing in that direction.

It wasn’t the most electrifying gig but It was fun and I got the most out of the crowd so I was happy with it.

Lessons;  I am really staring to understand how confidence is key if you are present to the crowd and having fun they will come along the ride with you.

It is also true for crowd work I am not in fear on stage at all I am in control so I guess it feels like i am steering the ship.

This week I head back to the outback for the last of the shows and the documentary shoot on Friday. This should be a fun show as it is Kev’s home town.

Stay Funny